Megan MacMillan


Patrick Meredith

Wedding Party

Caleb Shelley

Man of honor

Caleb and I met over ten years ago and I always have a good time when he is around. He’s a positive and fun person, my human ray of sunshine. I’m truly a stronger and better person having him in my life, and I don’t do much without him by my side so it was a no brainer I'd have him next to me on my big day.

Brooke West


I met Brooke a few years ago and we became friends fast. She's strong and motivated and I love surrounding myself with her energy. I know I can go to her with anything and she'll always support me. When I met her I gained a sister and I'm happy to have her stand with me on my wedding day.

Amanda Meredith


I met Amanda years ago through friends from work and I had no clue that one day we'd be family. I've always admired her wit, honesty, and ability to bring a room to life. She's such a sweet and funny person and I'm so excited to have her with me on my big day and with me in life as I gain a sister.

Chelsea Pratt


Chelsea is Patrick's older brother Erik's fiancé. Chelsea is always so much fun to be around. When we get together I know I'm going to laugh and have a good time. She's full of optimism and is always so kind. I'm thrilled to have her beside me on my big day and throughout life as I gain a sister.

Spencer Skelley

Man of Honor

This lover of rocks and minerals is Patrick’s best bud and roommate. They met in high school and then reconnected for a mountain trip years later. He’s a main contributor to Patrick’s sense of humor and an all around good guy that Patrick is honored to have as his best man.

Erik Meredith


Erik is Patrick’s oldest brother and Chelsea’s fiancé, and has been a source of inspiration and good advice for Patrick’s entire life. He never fails to crack up the whole room and always brings positivity wherever he goes.

Philip Meredith


Philip is Patrick’s older brother and Amanda’s husband, and has been relentlessly intelligent and honest since before Patrick was born. Their sibling rivalry has evolved into a great friendship, and Patrick is honored to have him there on his big day.

Willl Robinson


Will is one of Patrick’s best friends and the greatest source of creativity that Patrick has had the honor of spending time with. Whether talking about art, science or humanity, Will always brings inspiration and thoughtfulness to every conversation.
Susan Moyal